2020_challenge_logoENA 2020 Member Challenge

ENA’s 2020 Member Challenge rewards current members for recruiting new ENA members! Each time a new member enters your ENA Member Number into the referrer field when they join, you earn one point. The more members you successfully refer, the more points you receive and the higher level you achieve. While the points never expire, the 2020 Member Challenge ends at ENA’s annual conference in 2020, so you only have a limited time!



How do I participate in the 2020 Member Challenge?

Download and print the helpful recruitment cards from your profile (login required). Distribute the cards to colleagues and friends you recruit to make sure they enter your ENA Member Number when they join. They get access to all ENA has to offer and you earn a Challenge point. Your points accumulate until the end of the program in 2020 as long as you maintain a current membership. Additional recruitment materials and resources including flyers, membership applications, a membership presentation, and more are available for you to utilize.

Access the links to print the challenge cards at the bottom of the “Membership” section of your member profile and download additional recruitment materials and resources.


Download 2020 Member Challenge Cards Resources and Materials


What are the achievement levels?

There are five achievement levels based on the number of points earned. You earn one point for each new member you successfully recruit to join ENA. As you reach a new level, you will receive recognition and earn a reward. Mailed rewards are sent at the end of each month.




Starter1 Point (1 new member)Special badge in ENA CONNECT
Recruiter3 points (3 new members)Letter and gift
Leader10 points (10 new members)20% discount in ENA Marketplace
Master25 points (25 new members)2020 Member Challenge limited edition branded gift
All-Star100 points (100 new members)Exclusive emergency nursing conference opportunity

Rewards are subject to change at any time. 


How do I check my points?

Your current level and point total is listed in the membership area of your profile.

What are the conditions?

  1. Must be a current ENA member in good standing to receive points 
  2. Referrals must be new or rejoining members (cannot be a renewing member) 
  3. New member must enter referrer’s ENA Member Number in the referrer field during the membership application process 
  4. Points earned are totaled and available via your membership profile, award items are sent at the end of each month for achievements made in the prior month

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